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the component “zhe”

May 27, 2012

There’re four kinds of pronunciation of ‘‘ with different meanings.
  1. zhe (light tone) (auxiliary word):
1. continuity of an action 
他们正谈着话。 (They are talking)
     2. continuity of a status    
门敞着。(The door is open)
     3. used after a verb, to emphasize the order     
你听着! ( You, listen!)
     4. used after some verbs, to turn them to prepositional phrase   
顺着  (along)    顺着这条街走。( Walk alone the street).
  2. zhao (first tone)
     1. (verb) feel, get  
着凉 (get cold)
     2. used after a verb, means already get to the goal or have a result      
means the action of guess   猜着了  means already know the answers
     3. (verb) burn
炉子着了。  (The fireplace is burning).    着火   (on fire)
     4. (verb) (slang) asleep
他很累,一上床就着了。   ( He is tired, so he falls asleep as soon as he goes to bed).
  3. zhuo (second tone)
1. (verb) wear   
着装  it can be translated as ‘wear clothes’, but actually it’s a none phrase. 你的着装很酷。 (Your dressing is very cool!)
2. some phrases :

着陆 ( land on the ground )

着眼  着眼未来   (eyes on the future)

着落  寻找无着落  (can’t find it anywhere)


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