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Announced Webinars, Free ebook and videos for freelancers

October 9, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you had a nice week and its time to relax and re-charge the mind-body machine. We thought that you may be now most relaxed to see new learnings coming in this month and next month. Few blog capsules – small but significant.

E-learning and Teaching for Freelance Translators

 Improve your productivity



1.5  hours plus Q@A is in itself a productivity multiplier and you take away the following from the course

  • Why e-learning is not some new kind of learning but the learning for some areas and sectors, including freelancing
  • Listing of tools and comparative analysis. This means time-leverage. On your own and google, this will take some 100 hours

Expert Tips which will cut time and cost for you significantly

Teacher  :  Dr.Matteo  Preabianca

Date : 12th October , 4 pm GMT onwards

Time  : 4 pm GMT onwards

Duration : 120 mts



If you want to raise your rates, get more time for yourself and/or the people you love as well as the things you would like to do, you must become a high performer. High performers do not dream of a successful future life, they work at it by being determined and constantly raising their productivity.

Teacher : Désirée Lydia Staude

Date : 24th October 2012 – WEDNESDAY

Time : noon GMT UTC onwards

Duration : 60 mts


Select Blog Posts

Other Updates

5 tips for being heard and attended to  in the Social Networking Noise


Lessons from a top-notch Language Agency Project Manager to Freelancer

Ø  Two new teachers – one an Arabic teacher from Spain and a Spanish teacher from Argentina

Ø  Looking for Associates in major time zones – especially GMT + 8, GMT  -5, GMT – 7


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