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Indian memories: seeking students

February 24, 2014

I hope you dont go there only to find a “real” yoga teacher, they are making money in Europe. What about tea? The good one is exported to the UK. But in Munnar you can find it, some sort of.

A professional reason to go over there is the huge demand in improving English skills and learning other dominant languages (e.g. Chinese and Spanish). Between 2010-2030, India will add 241 Million people in working-age populationand if you really have a long-long term view, there is not better place to invest in adverise yourself than in India. The problem, as an European, might be to find a “good” student/client willing to pay you enough money to survive in the Sub-Continent (very cheap, as I mentioned earlier, you can live very well with 300 euros per month) either make some money through well-educated, often rich, university students. Personally, I tried to get both chances: I like the idea to be helpful even if my students can afford to pay me, I feel, as teacher, I also have a mission: improve and educate the world. Big crazy project.

 Then, how can you find potential students?

 In many ways. Some of them are:

 1 – Visiting universities: pick up the prestigious ones, specialised in foreign languages, better private ones, where they can let you hang your ads in notice boards; if you have any chance to talk with some professors even better, you can get some collaborations as a language speaker.

 2 – Dont waste time in hang your ads in streets: India cities are very chaotic and full of “anything you need”, it is ever hardly somebody can stop, look and write your telephone number/email down.

 3 – Once again techologies help us: websites such as Quickr or social networks.there are some Indian Social Networking Sitestoday which are trying to rise their heads among the giants. Here are 7 Indian Social Networking Sites built mainly to “deal with” people India. In the days of Facebook and Twitter, you might think that the Indian Social Networking Sitesdo not get much traffic, but this is not the case. Some of the sites here are ranked high and get millions of hits in a month:

Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 354

Alexa Rank (Global): 4,097

Google Pagerank: 6

Alexa Rank (India): 392

Alexa Rank (Global): 5,243

Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 1,033

Alexa Rank (Global): 10,649

Google Pagerank: 4

Alexa Rank (India): 1,115

Alexa Rank (Global): 16,493


Google Pagerank: 3

Alexa Rank (India): 20,027

Alexa Rank (Global): 112,817

Google Pagerank: 3

Alexa Rank (India): 83,201

Alexa Rank (Global): 411,634

Alexa Rank (India): 110,436

Alexa Rank (Global): 1,972,005



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