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Alphabet/Alfabeto. Part 1

January 10, 2015

Learn Italian

The alphabet is the first step to get into a new language mood.

All my students say “c’mon Matteo! Alphabet is very easy, it is like the English one!”

I always reply: “can you spell the word ” macchina?” Most of the time, the spelling is definitively wrong. If you can master the alphabet in any language, 50% is done!

Let’s see some  issues

Two consecutive vowels have separate sounds.

euro,buono, paese, aereo, lei.

Double consonants, here are 3 tricky couples:




How is their pronounciation?

words with no double should be pronounced with a long vowel and a soft consonants afterwards (PE__nA). About the couple “steso/stesso”the former has a “z” sound the latter  one “ss” sounds as” South“.

Otherwords with double consonants that probably you heard:

bello mamma anno cappuccino pazzo nonno

About anno:

Pay attention please! Here there is no “h” because it means “year”. Otherwise…

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