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Alfabeto: Part 2

January 23, 2015

Learn Italian

Let’s go ahead…

The letter “c” and “g” change their sound in according to the vowel matched.

Easy to remember, if you follow this order:

ca, co, cu/ ga, go, gu

in English:

ka ko ku/ ga go gu


ce, ci/ ge gi

In English:

che, chi/ je, ji

some examples:

cane, collo,
culo, gatto goloso, guru

cera, Cina,
gelato, giro


of course, we can modify their sound:

“ce (che)” can turn into “che (ke)”


“ga (ga)” can turn into “gia (ja)”

Adding either “i” or “h” yu can change the sound of all these c/g
matched sounds.

“SC” sound

SC = SHeasy, right?

But we must pay
attention to the vowels matched to it


scarpa (shoe);
pronounce: skarpa

sciarpa (skarf);
pronounce: sharpa

So, remember, al
piede metti la SCArpa al collo indossi la SCIArpa (literally: on foot you put
the shoe, on the neck you…

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