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Verbi Irregolari

January 29, 2015

Learn Italian


Prima coniugazione (-are):

Andareto go 

Dareto give

Stareto be

Seconda coniugazione (-ere):

Avereto have 

Bere to drink 

Cadereto fall 

Cedere to give up, yield

Chiedere to ask, question

Chiudere to enclose 

Conoscere to know 

Correre to run 

Crescere to grow 

Direto say, tell 

Dirigere to steer, direct 

Discutere to discuss

Dovere to have to, must 

Esigere to demand, ask for

Essereto be 

Fareto do, make 

Godere to enjoy 

Leggere to read

Mettere to put (in, away), insert 

Muovere to move 

Nascere to be born 

Parere to seem, appear, look 

Perdere to lose

Piangere to weep 

Porreto put

Potereto be able, can, may 

Prendere to take 

Rimanere to remain

Rispondere to answer, respond 

Rompere to break 


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