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Do you like eating pizza everyday? Do you get crazy for pasta? Do you have Stendhal Syndrome when you see art in Florence?

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with those. But, if you want to learn Italian for leisure, work, or study… Matteo Teaches Italian, capisci?

Matteo, also known as Il Maestro, has 9 years of experience in language teaching. He received his B.A. in Language and Culture Studies in English and Chinese (University of Milan,Italy), M.A. in Modern Languages for International Communication in English and French (University of Rome, Italy), Master in Social Research (University of Oviedo, Spain).

In 2013, Maestro established an online Italian-learning business called Matteo Teaches Italian. He is providing this language learning experience through social media (e.g. YouTube, Linkedin) and his “Italian lessons” Music Album, in which he explains somel Italian grammar rules over his musical compositions.

He has taught students from all over the world, from North to South America, from Europe to Africa, and now Oceania.

Matteo also works as an Italian Lecturer in Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia), and Webinar Developer for Insegnalo Social learning network (Italy) and Wordsmith Communication (India).

He continues to develop his online Italian-learning business alongside writing his PhD in Information Technologies and Educational Communication.

More info:

Interactive grammar textbook

Book about Education, Animals and Life style (In Italian)
Veni Veni Emmanuel (traditional song in Latin language translated into Italian and sung by Matteo)
And if you want to study Italian in Italy, come with me!
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